Wax and Dumbfoundead (abbreviated "DFD") might just be the two best mc's you've never heard of. If you have heard of them you would probably agree that they have the skills to be as big as any mainstream hip-hop artist (although I think we all know it takes much more than just the skill to "succeed"). Both are local to the L.A. underound music scene.

DFD was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but made his way to the U.S. via Mexico when he was a child. He is of Korean descent. WAX is originally from Maryland and is of Cuban descent. He currently resides in Hollywood, CA.

In early 2011 Wax was signed to Def Jam Records. DFD is on the Knocksteady label which he also co-runs. The duo made a collaborative album under the name Clockwise and continue to collaborate. "Guess Who" (video below), from Wax's newest mixtape is one of those said collaborations.