Christopher Francis Ocean (born Christopher Breaux), or better known by his stage name Frank Ocean, has quickly become my favorite (current) singer.  Ocean originally hails from New Orleans, LA.  In early 2011 he became a member of OFWGKTA, although most people say he doesn't seem to "fit" the group.  In February 2011, he released his debut mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra. He released two sucessful singles from the mixtape, Novacane and Swim Good. He also appeared on the Jay-Z/Kanye West album, Watch the Throne ,thanks in large part to his mixtape.  Ocean is currently working on his debut studio album, Coachella.  One of my favorite song's of his is Swim Good (video below), which displays his influence of Japanese Anime and very unique song style.  I can't wait to see what comes in the future from Frank Ocean.